Shopping For Inspiration… ma cuisine (home)

ma cuisine (home)’s Founder Jill Braslin shares her source of inspiration for ma cuisine (home)

As Perth is the most isolated city in the world, inspiration often comes from the people I meet everyday. Their stories, the way they dress and the general natural beauty of WA can be inspiration in itself.

Starting each day with an early morning walk or the gym gives me a “kick start”…this is probably when I feel most inspired. I can think clearly about new travel plans, shops and galleries to visit while I am overseas.  Simply observing other people while we are travelling can also be so intriguing and inspiring. I can begin to get a feel for what I should be buying for the next season or year ahead. I can be inspired by a shop window in Paris or simply finding a well designed can opener!

I can fall in love with products that have such wonderful form and also great function, I don’t like fuss, I love streamlined objects that will last a lifetime.

I guess you have to allow yourself the time to be inspired, observe all of the little things around you and as they say…inspiration is everywhere.